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[8.19.2016] EVENT! Join me at Astoria's QED
[8.14.2016] Get lunch while it's hot! Newest edition of the Kyushoku Chronicles now available!
I'm happy to introduce the new logo of japaneseschoollunch.com (the smiling plate!) and of shokuiku.org (3 building blocks) featured on this website and our facebook groups. 
[ARTICLE] What School Lunch Could Be

Why Japanese School Lunch?

The Japanese School Lunch System is regarded as one of the best in the world. It offers it offers fresh, nutritionally balanced meals and a substantial curriculum that guides healthy eating habits, instills manners and morality, and offers children a way to realize regional and cultural identity. School lunch is also something that continues beyond the confines of the classroom, becoming both a nostalgic icon and new professional sphere. Perhaps no other country in the world can offer school lunch cookbooks, school lunch themed restaurants or even school-lunch themed paraphernalia. This website will attempt to show  just what’s so special about the Japanese school lunch.